twenty-three thirteen

I’ll start this in medias res, because introductions are overrated, and I’m not really sure what I want to do with this whole “website thing” anyway. apart from getting into a habit of writing again. it’s a way to put down my thoughts on things in a more ordered manner than just journaling (which I also do, messily and by hand), but also a way for me to put thoughts and ideas that in the past found their way onto other social media platforms.

this week was quiet and loud at the same time. while real life and events on a personal level were really quiet, on the inside of my head things were as unpredictable as the april weather we’ve been having ’round here. I enjoyed a week off with very little social interaction. I wish that meant I could recharge my batteries, but I’m afraid that I’ll keep operating on low-energy level for a while longer. it is what it is. (しょうがない.)
there are many ideas and concepts going through my head these days, but I need to think them through some more. it’s been tough. march was hard, the beginning of april takes a lot of energy out of me, but what else is there but put one foot in front of the other foot?

new music comes to me via weird channels, these days. or rather unusual ones. I’m used to getting music that’s new to me mostly from the shows I watch, as I am notoriously bad at keeping up with new releases from my favourites. for me that’s rather fortunate though, as I get surprised by new releases from old favourites all the time and that’s pretty sweet.
since I have stopped watched as much telly, this is a well that’s dried up for the moment, so where do I get my new stuff these days? spotify new releases (especially since it thinks I am in japan again and I have access to a lot more types of music I really adore! there’s been a lot of good stuff that’s come my way via the recommendation and various people’s playlist. another wonderful source, one that’s kinda been revived for me via spotify, have been “fan soundtracks”. playlists curated by fans of a certain show/character/book/… you name it, I am sure someone’s made a fst for it :3
but I digress, so let’s share some sweet tunes now!
sugawara kei’s limited had me boppin’ quite a bit this week, what a great find! (and I do love the lyrics, as well.) other than that macaroni enpitsu’s “nandemo nai yo” has been running circles ’round my head, I adore it. especially this version from THE FIRST TAKE (a channel where they record people performing their songs in one take).

what a week of nostalgia for me! I’ve been wanting to read k. j. charles the magpie lord, and it’s been lovely to dip my feet into that story again. somehow the influx of vash the stampede fanart (due to the new trigun adaptation) on my instagram page had me in an anime mood, so I went and opened my netbook to find that I hadn’t finished the sasaki to miyano anime. the other day or week, I had got an email notification with information about the given film and kinda just had to rewatch the series, no? it was fun, I forgot how much I loved haruki and how funny I found that the “lalala” singing portions of the anime didn’t work for me at all. still, it’s a fun story and I look forward to seeing where it’s at, at the moment.

on my work trip, I had some baby carrots with a neat hummus dip for lunch and that sparked a new food fixation on that and had me on a hunt for fun pre-made dips. I may venture into making them myself in the future, but especially sweet pepper or honey pepper dip may be a bit too much of a hassle to recreate for an everyday snack. but a good old homemade hummus sounds neat ;3
other than that I’ve had lovely fresh homemade chips! so, so good to make them yourself. most of the time frozen chips are more than fine by me, but once in a while? neat! yesterday’s side dish was honey-glazed carrots and today’s was “lamb’s lettuce à la maman” (which means with especially sour french vinegar and crispy bacon cubes).

april starts the first month I use my traveler’s notebook as a bulletjournal, and I’m excited to see where it goes. for april I am in the process to set up a discord for this month’s instalment of the #spookclub. my bookclub project that somehow emergend, and I’ll keep going until it stops being fun. it’s a fun way to keep me accountable for certain books and talk with similarly-interested peeps about books.