twenty-three fifteen

set up as a music player with song length, skip and stop signs under it is a picture of mint plants, everything is in hues of green, text above: "Don't Know How" and "twentythree fifteen"

life is rough, but friends are sweet; food lacklustre, but music makes the days; media is in stasis, but we’ve got links for pleasure and enlightenment!

same shit, different day. it’s been rough and that affects the way I walk through the world. my resilience seems non-existent these days, and therefore I try to engage less and less, for myself and others.
I am a lucky bean though, so I still have things that I enjoy doing. a wonderful session of dnd, where my friends indulge me actually steering them through dragons of stormwreck isle, a fun project with friends old and new that I may or may not talk about here in the future (code word: nichtmeer), and a gorgeously languid session of the between. there’s also been a lovely and much needed catch up phone call with my friend h. just good to hear their voice again live and not via voice message (which are a great way for both of us to communicate, I love them).

somehow I didn’t feel like cooking much or trying anything new last week. just usual stuff and more making sure I’m fed than doing anything fancy. the only thing worth mentioning was a lovely walk to mac donald’s for a milkshake, chai tea and chocolate cookie. good combo and I really do like their chai latte!

feeling rather listless, I had spotify choose my music for me via their “new release radar” and … well, I have a good solid artist list, I follow, there were some real gut punches. they hurt so, so good!
walk off the earth & luminati sunsmy stupid heart in the acoustic version just hit me smack dab in the middle where it hurts, I absolutely love it. and you know, ringo sheena never ever fails to amaze, so her collaboration with millenium parade (which is the intro for the anime hell’s paradise) called WORK is just … it definitely had me at hello. it’s sexy and a banger on all levels. also, the video? my queer heart beat all kinds of ways all throughout! as stylish and sexy as the song. phillip phillips’ before I loved you was definitely more of a twisting the knife kind of hurt, but here we are. and last but not least I came across an absolutely gorgeous rendition of bastille’s pompeii, as song which loved and adored since I first heard it. bastille often just … I feel very seen by their songs, and they just stay. and this version? just adds so much more emotion to an already intense song… let’s face it, I sang along and sobbed like a disaster-teen ;3

I’ve been good to shenhe and have her up and running very well (weapon, artifacts, level), she’s pretty great. I’ also happy with mika and may even get to friendship level ten with him, before I will – HOPEFULLY! – have to swap him out for kaveh. and add baizhu to my rooster as well, of course. for both of these dendro beauties, I’ve been hard at work already, picking violetgrass and mourning flowers, among other things.
a lot of fun was had with yet another friends at the table king of the castle stream. they’re just so fun, and the way they play and showcase the game is absolutely hilarious. friends at the table never fail to amuse me, and really, ja… I mean, the representative of the counts is always a joy to behold!
well, and I am still on my taskmaster hype-train, it’s a fun ride!!
it’s been a weird reading week, I could – for the life of me – just not pick up a new book. I tried to read to be taught if fortunate by becky chambers and … it might just be the first of her books I just … cannot get into. I really like the ideas, but it may be the report- or essay-esque presentation of it that I just cannot get into. fanfiction did save my evenings though, there’s been a lot of sangcheng that made me happy, and I sprinkled in some kavetham for good measure.

I got myself some beautiful tiny stamps from a german etsy store called bloody nose. their stamps are great quality for a very low price, and they were here super quickly. I’ve enjoyed my bookish stamps very much already!

this is the section I didn’t have patience for in the last two weeks, but it’s supposed as a catch-all for things I found interesting, beautiful or wanted to share in some way. so here we go!