twenty-three sixteen

life is what it is, but hobbies with friends a light in the dark; food is picking up and music had me in a grip with one song as the background most days; media this week is educational and just plain amazing; and lots of links for laughing, so you don’t cry, but also educational content. and art!

brotjob (wage work) was pretty productive, which pleased me, as I’ve felt sluggish and a fair bit useless due to allergies and the aftermath of march’s life events. I guess things have been as good as they can be? or as good as I can envision them to be, at least. “happy” or “content” as concepts have been so far removed from me for quite some time – except for special occasions! – that, I feel this is as good as it gets. I am trying to settle here, there’s simply no energy for anything else.
another solid session of stormwreck isle under my belt, where apparently I succeeded at atmosphere, despite feeling I didn’t do that at all. I’ll take it. running d&d feels weird as is, I don’t need to put myself down in that regard. it does help that I have less ambition there compared to other systems (brindlewood bay, the between or monsterhearts) as they’re more my jam in general. I will forever be in awe of people, who manage to run this game beautifully, who make up their own campaigns and stories inside this framework and all that, but I’ve accepted that – unless I really sit down and put in a lot of work – it’s not for me (as I am now). though, I do want to try and run a oneshot (fewshot, really ;3) from one of the uncaged anthologies one day. see what else is out there, when it comes to written modules. the fun project I won’t talk about continued as well and was DANG fun!
I missed the last session of my wednesday the between group and it was a joy to slide back into it. the group really spoiled me by writing a great summary of their session and we’re lucky to be playtesting a threat that our keeper wrote themselves. it started out really, really fun! (everything that gets me to london’s natural history museum, for real or fictionally, just makes my day! it’s one of my favourite places to be!) it’s a fun group dynamic, in and out of the game! (and I do adore my vessel, even though I have stopped to put too much into any character “work” since i.)
a real highlight was the finale of a brindlewood bay campaign, I’ve been part of for roughly a year, saturday. a truly grand and worthy finale of what we have been getting at and a proper culmination of our experiment of running the game with a rotating keeper/facilitator system. it worked incredibly well and allowed all four of us to play and facilitate. it was great for some of us to dip our feet in both roles, player and keeper. it really is a great, great game! (I can’t wait for my kickstarter book to arrive … someday.)

somehow it’s been really … low-key in the food department, and I do hope that these recaps here will help motivate me to cook more favourites and try out new recipes! still, I managed one pretty neat “new-ish” meal! inspired by an instagram post, I threw together kaisergemüse (frozen carrots, broccoli and cauliflower), homemade chilli-garlic oil and coconut milk. seasoned with salt, pepper, kumin and “curry”, it was a pretty neat soup-slash-stew. one time I put it on noodles with a bit more of the soup, and the second helping I ate more as a stew.
I’m a big fan of Bundaberg’s Ginger Brew and last week, I went and finally tried their Lemon Brew (or as they call it their traditional lemonade). and I just saw that they’ve got a peach version on their homepage (thoough not at my supermarket ://), I really, really want to try that! I love peach drinks!!

for most of the week nishida sachiko‘s tokyo blues dominated the music playing in the back of my head. it is such a good song, that deeply resonates with me. I fell deeply in love with it the moment I heard it!
(I also discovered hikawa kiyoshi through it, somehow, and am looking forward to going through their discography to find favourites! their style is SO great!)
ah, that feeling when your favourites release a catchy one! just the best! and with an adorable video to boot!! kana-boon really hit home with gradation (and I may need to check out more of kitazawa yuho’s, she’s super cute in this collab).

what a week for great media things! my brilliant friends from DiceCourse hosted a new talk about “spieldesign und spielleitung” with jasmin neitzel as their guest. Insightful and fun, as always!
more great content from german creators, I was happy to listen to the new episode of jetzt mal kurz OT and they talked about orientalism and cultural appropriation in a LARP context.
as a long-time friends at the table fan, I was happy to see that they’re uploading a lot of their “outtake podcast” (clapcast), at the moment. you need to be a patreon of theirs to access this, so I can’t link to it directly, but it has been a source of … constant giggles and comfort ever since I became a patron of their three years ago. I love to listen and re-listen to them when I fall asleep, do chores or run errands.
one of my favourite artists johanna the mad, who you may know as the artist of the comic fence, it’s been a joy to follow the fence challenge this month! so many great works of art from them and so many others! definitely check out the hashtag!
reading has been a HUGE comfort this week! I’ve re-read a xicheng fanfiction, I really enjoyed and equally enjoyed again ;3 (audience of one by winter dreams)
and the breakout highlight was definitely: the witness for the dead by katherine addison. I wanted to pick this up, ever since I finished the grief of stones (yes, I read them out of order, don’t ask, i just did somehow), which I absolutely adored. I love how the city of amalo feels so very real, like a living breathing thing, and that the culture of this world is so very intricate and interesting. there are so many mentions of tea, and it always serves as more than “just” worldbuilding. most of all, though, I love thala celehar. his profession as the titular witness for the dead brings with it so many fascinating interactions, brushes with death and disaster and has him act as a sort of detective trying to give a voice to the deceased. he is honey on my tongue, and I just fell in love with the quiet devotion to his calling and the very contained way he walks through the world.

or “a compendium of highly recommended sources of inspiration and information”: