twenty-three seventeen & eighteen

set up as a music player with song length, skip and stop signs under it is a picture of a desk with a notebook, mug and milk jar, everything is in hues of mint green and the background is pink, text above: "if only you were lonely maybe I was holy" and "twenty-three seventeen/eighteen"

life continues with turbulent emotions and weird uncertainties, but books and bookclubs help; as does food: cooking has been fun! music‘s a solid background with some new and some old favourites. funnily enough, so is media and I’m glad for it, too! and links are a mix of critique of the monarchy, queer politics and quirky mini-media ;3

it’s been … tough but steadily so. no new tragedies, just minor annoyances, and it’s on me to get rid of those. it’s gonna hurt, but what needs to be done needs to be done. I am slowly but surely stepping back from things as needed, that’s good. my allergies have been acting up, so I’ve been horribly tired in body and mind.
april’s spookclub went really well and was a lot of fun! I’m thrilled they liked the book and we’re continuing the magpie series together in may! along with noah stoffers’ berlin: rostiges herz and n. k. jemisin’s the city we became.
stormwreck is on its homestretch, and I’m glad. I do enjoy the dming part but, but not at all the preparation for the sessions. while I am pretty sure there’s a way I would enjoy that as well, I have not found it yet. I’m willing to try again one day, probably with something from uncaged, but there are other games I want to try facilitating, before I go back to d&d again. the nichtmeer project goes swimmingly as well and I look forward to the rest of it!! and last but not least, the between has been going well, too. I just need to get a move written for my american character, she’s at that point and I sure hope I get to use what I have in mind for her (I’ll call it “puppy love”, even though she’s not a canine ;)) the games and regular appointments with friends do help, as do the schnacks that are unplanned (and may or may not turn into playing CK3 at night, being a horrible monarch is good for the soul ;))
decluttering is also good for the soul, too! I started on my shirts and got rid of very few, but am proud that checked them all again and packing them away, I totally konmaried* them into taking up less space, too! (*from kondo mari‘s the life-changing magic of tidying up.)
also, we streamed and recorded a new wo wir klauen podcast episode about the fighter class from d&d :3

enchiladas filled with vegan minced meat
okayu, kinpira and cucumber salad with goma dressing thanks to “our dining table”. the okayu with egg was more tamagokake gohan in consistency and taste, but I’m willing to learn :3

the neon trees song used to lie hits just right: love the band, their style and those lyrics are … so true.
thanks to spotify pushing a cm at me on youtube, I’ve heard the mrs. green apple song they use in that cm A LOT, trying to find out what it was, I fell hard and fast for lovin’: IT IS SO ADORBS! another one of those sad-ish lyrics but goshdarn cute upbeat music songs that make my 2023? definitely roni bar hadas and russo’s higher than the rain. it just makes me dance around, happysad!
one of those oldie goldie songs that’s been in my head for weeks on end and definitely in the last few weeks: yorushika‘s 言って (itte). it is so catchy and I’ve been singing it so, so much!
I have no idea how I came across it again, but r1se‘s unchanging youth (少年如故) somehow popped into my playlist again and … it’s just SO GOOD! (the video didn’t make me cry because of JC, nope, not at all.)

there’s a drama for the cute BL manga boku no shokutaku (our dining table), which apparently I’d read three years ago and completely forgotten but on a re-read was very sweet. and the drama was really well done and as I’ve already said, just made me want to eat okayu (among other things).
this led me to read what I call the restart-duology by cocomi. the manga endeared itself to my first because of its setting, which is rural japan, and second because of the very grounded characters.
I choose our wives under the sea by julia armfield for the spookclub, because I’d heard great things and was incredibly intrigued by the premise: “the story of miri, a grant writer, whose wife leah has returned from a deep-sea research expedition that was marked by catastrophic failure and who is undergoing a physical metamorphosis as a result.” sadly, in the end it wasn’t for me. there is a lot to like, the writing is gorgeous and there are some very piercing observations about grief and relationships (platonic, romantic, familial).
genshin impact was so, so good to me! after shenhe, my 50/50 went to dilluc for some 70 wishes and I got a bit nervous, to be honest. while I sure was glad to have got a character, I actually use, I still wanted dr. dendro for myself! so I expected to really have to work for it this banner and used up the rest of my thirty wishes and… BAIZHU CAME HOME!! I can’t believe I got so lucky, really, I am so happy! he’s a GREAT healer and well, I love everything about him. the very elegant, martial art style movements when he uses the catalyst and the sheer healing power he brings to the table. and, of course, my favourite animal sidekick, changsheng. I’m pleased as a peach with also having got my hands on kaveh, who not only shares his element with baizhu, no he was also one of those characters I loved as soon as I saw them. and well, the recent parade of providence event, how could I not adore him to the heavens and back? tragic, blonde and artsy? gosh, these sumeru (and dendro ;)) characters just check all my boxes!
and well, with these new characters came the incredible enjoyment of gorgeous new voices at my disposal! shoji yui just makes listening to changsheng an utter joy, she’s so blunt and it is utterly adorable when she falls asleep in the cold! yusa koji as baizhu is also doing THE MOST, ugh, listen to him, changsheng and the gorgeous theme playing in the background. they just make this game better and better with each new add-on and event. back to seiyuu (voice actors): for me, all the amazing seiyuu -and just, ugh, they choose so well! – it goes to my heart and burrows deeply. baizhu’s voice lines are so cool! uchida yuma is a joy to listen to as well, goshdarn it! I recently re-watched given, and now he’s all over my game and makes me so happy! I absolutely adore the tone he gives to kaveh’s colourful personality, just listen, he’s such a joy!
(usually I love playing games with their original audio, when I can, but due to my deep, deep love for seiyuu – really, it’s all ishida akira’s fault – I just cannot pass up the opportunity to listen to so, so many favourites. I do make a point to check out the chinese voice lines of many characters, though, because they do know how to choose those as well. there are some really cool sounding people, there but since the language is a mystery to me, I cannot read the tones too well. sadly, I’m not too fond of many of the english voice actors. most of them just sound a tad too “saturday morning cartoon” for me. somehow, I just don’t gel with many character interpretations they make in their voice localization.)

I’ve been super happy with my order from the cute, japanese stationery store kiroku (whi
keya made a compilation of “the CRINGIEST moments from matthew mcconaughey’s self help event” and I really enjoyed the patreon exclusive about it from duped: the dark side of online business. it’s just so wild and so goop.
instagram sure influenced me this month, but I got two new pairs of doc martens out of it. one pair is adorably chalk pink (sole and all!) and the other is black with black roses stitched on them, so cool! the links are more to show them off than to say these are good deals. I got really lucky as I got both pairs for around half-off, which is the only way I could afford them. the good price and the fact that I know these shows will last for a good long time (quality and wearability-wise).

or “a compendium of highly recommended sources of inspiration and information”: