twenty-three nineteen

set up as a music player with song length, skip and stop signs under it is a picture of a desk with two books and on top of them a glass mug with tea and a teabag in, the background is reddish brown with grey text, text above: "I cannot escape and I cannot forget" and "twenty-three nineteen"

life was subdued somehow, but food‘s been a solid source of yum and music was a wild ride (thanks, esc!). media just got kicked up a nice notch with some new things, and I’ve got great links to share :3

things have slowed down, somehow. or rather, some plans have fallen down the drain and others may seem to solidify. I still have hope for these, at least. we’ll see. being in transition is a state that’s … not too great for me, not being sure of things unsettles me greatly and so life’s felt shaky.
a friend and I watched the eurovision songcontest and that was real good fun. usually I am not that interested, but I think we should make this a tradition. lots of great bangers!

a great week for food! I’ve had a craving for oyakodon, so I made oyakodon without the chicken, so more like a sweet egg donburi. utterly delicious either way! I also tried out pinch of yum‘s lo mein recipe and greatly enjoyed it!

this cover version of despacito by madilyn bailey and leroy sanchez really, really wormed itself into my head and played a lot during the week <3 alessandra mele’s ESC performance queen of the kings was so, so powerful and struck a chord in me, I’ve missed that kind of music and her voice is just very, very impressive. my personal favourite were vesna and my sister’s crown. their performance was impressive and I adore how they wove in different styles and chzech. I love when countries sing in their language or dialects and incorporate these things into their songs (thriving subcultures count, too!)
käärijä‘s cha cha cha had me impressed with the cool performance and niche music choice, but it’s not quite my type of music, but then… it wormed its way into my heart, SO MUCH ;D

media! NEW (to me) MEDIA!
I started to watch evil and really, really … enjoyed it. the premise “a skeptical forensic psychologist allies with a Catholic seminarian and a similarly skeptical technology contractor to investigate purported supernatural incidents.” works well and while it’s not the best show I’ve seen, it’s fun. it is no mystery as to why I enjoy it. not only has it demonic possessions, ghosts and weird crime narratives, it’s also written michelle and robert king (which I looked up after the opening reminded me of the good fight‘s ;D) and I’ve loved many of the shows they worked on quite a bit!
I read some more manga, most notable of them aoi aki‘s entangled with you and absolutely ADORED the fantasy novella a song for octaven by r. c. ballad, absolutely WONDERFUL. (music magic and polyamory? sign me up!)

fans are AMAZING! there are TWO fan made battle themes for a pantalone (regrator) battle and I AM SO HERE FOR BOTH! sayori music’s has a more playful yet still very menacing style and reminds me of what kefka’s themes feel like and I am so very much there for that. possibly because I feel they might share the same delusions of grandeur, despite their different motives. seernebuch’s is extremely imposing and grandiose. I love them both!

or “a compendium of highly recommended sources of inspiration and information”:

  • james somerton made a great and utterly sad video explaining where the “bury your gays” trope came from.
  • trans.parenz talked about anti-queer narratives and dogwhistles.
  • speaking of anti-queer, or more to the point anti-trans narratives: maddysbookopinions made a post about why there’s “no seperation of art from the artist (JKR edition)“.
  • and I was reminded of a great thread by trooper sjp on “death of the author” and analytical approaches to literature (which is where the idea originated from).
  • palette cleanser! a great recommendation post for “queer books healing (their) religious trauma” by the wonderful adri (perpetualpages).
  • and two extremely helpful posts about acessibility on bookstagram (1 & 2) by darcy from wetdirtreads.
  • this thread! THIS THREAD!!a story about the importance of what we consume and the people we spend time with…” looking at the painting style of vincent van gogh ; _ ;
  • jenni from shows how to do a zine!
  • last week I forgot to share this guardian article from elle hunt about the weirdness that was matthew mcconaughey’s “how to life your life sales pitch” desaster!
  • this post made me laugh, my favourite colours! I am so behind this ;3
  • kaveh and iranian architecture, I love to learn from people explaining the influences behind many genshin impact inspirations <3!! follow amir (boram76) for more great threads like this one!
  • and while we’re at it kaveh fanart from vel_kia. and one more by mob_hwan with kaveh and alhaitham being … well just look at them ;3
  • this thread here made me utterly nostalgic for so, so many things. experiencing the wildness of ai no kusabi for the first time as a teen, looking at this interesting animation style and the wild, wild setting! (I should read the light novels, yes I should…)
  • sometimes I really enjoy seth godin‘s blog, this post on chatoyanci was one of those times :3