Ich möcht die ganze Welt für mich erfahren
Ich möcht viel mehr, als ich jetzt fühl
Vielleicht wirds mir so ergehn
Dass mich jemand wird verstehn

My glasses are slightly too big and my hair is always a mess. I hum and sing off key, but don’t care what you think of me when I mouth the lyrics of the songs I listen to. Music is my lifeblood, without it I suffer from respiratory distress. It’s always music on my mind and “No music, no life.“

If music is my boyfriend, I’m the doting spouse of a video game, who has a passionate love affair with books. A long-standing relationship with anime and manga and affairs with films and comics occur frequently. I’m rather a promiscuous pop-culture pixie. It’s a bit of an addiction, I take my stories in any type or form. Just give me that immersion, the rush of feeling that comes with plunging head first into an adventure that’ll sink its teeth into you. Let me vanish into different worlds and have me leave them with a feeling of weltschmerz and loss, only to revisit that sorrow all over again.

I live off enthusing about all or nothing, simply cannot do without it. Rambling and ranting are my favourite pastimes, I live on babbling away about it all. You name it, I probably talked about it and at some point moved my hands through the air enthusiastically. To call me a chatterbox is quite the understatement, once I start talking… let’s just say even I fear that this mouth of mine will run away with me one day.