Most of the headers and titles on this blog are titles from songs I dearly love and that strike a chord deep within me. (Hah, music metaphor right there ;)) The idea for “nacchitopia” was stolen from one of my favourite musicians, though. 怪人二十面奏’s マコトさん’s personal ameblo is titled “Makotopia” and I just couldn’t resist.
Dream of the Shore Bordering Another World, is the name of a song from the video game Chrono Cross. The song as well as soundtrack of the game was composed by Mitsuda Yasunori, who is just fantastic. His penchant for dream-like, atmospheric music makes my heart swell. It’s been years since I have played the game, but the soundtrack still evokes numerous images and feelings within me. The Dream to be a Sky Pirate is from the soundtrack of Final Fantasy XII and was composed by Sakimoto Hitoshi. That title alone is enough to make you pause, isn’t it? Well, together with the fond memories I have of the game, for me it sure is. The song itself is rather short, yet it bears a certain melancholy that accompanies big dreams of a far-off future.
Video game music has always been a big part of my life and these are but two of a variety of composers and video game soundtracks I enjoy listening to.
You might be wondering about the Rock’n Roll Kid? Well, when I was little I was a huge fan of 愛してナイト/AI SHITE NAITO, which was called Rock’n Roll Kids in Germany. Since I adore it even now and it made such a big impression on me then – music, romance, drama and fun hair colours – the songs stuck around as well. They’re making these anime remakes and sequels all the time now, why not try their hands on this? Super fun, great opportunity for good music and such fun clothes and have I mentioned the hair colours yet?