twenty-three seventeen & eighteen

set up as a music player with song length, skip and stop signs under it is a picture of a desk with a notebook, mug and milk jar, everything is in hues of mint green and the background is pink, text above: "if only you were lonely maybe I was holy" and "twenty-three seventeen/eighteen"

life continues with turbulent emotions and weird uncertainties, but books and bookclubs help; as does food: cooking has been fun! music‘s a solid background with some new and some old favourites. funnily enough, so is media and I’m glad for it, too! and links are a mix of critique of the monarchy, queer politics and quirky mini-media ;3

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twenty-three sixteen

life is what it is, but hobbies with friends a light in the dark; food is picking up and music had me in a grip with one song as the background most days; media this week is educational and just plain amazing; and lots of links for laughing, so you don’t cry, but also educational content. and art!

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